Rent in advance

Almost all partner landlords in Devon Home Choice require successful applicants to pay rent in advance. This could be up to 5 weeks rent regardless of whether you have your rent covered by Housing Benefit.

Please think about saving to cover the rent in advance needed as soon as possible in case you are offered a property. You could have an offer withdrawn if you cannot provide the rent in advance. If you are offered a property but are unable to afford the rent in advance please speak to the landlord. Please do not approach unlicensed lenders for a loan. 

Rent arrears

Having significant rent arrears or tenancy related debt and not keeping to a payment plan could exclude you from being able to register on Devon Home Choice, restrict your banding award or mean that you may be considered as being able to maintain a tenancy. Partner social landlords within Devon Home Choice have different policies relating to rent arrears so whether a bid for home is accepted will be subject to the policies of the partner social landlord.

Please find below a list of national charities should you require advice on how to manage your debt (please click on the names below). Additionally, there may also be charities local to you that you may wish to approach.

Citizens Advice

StepChange Debt Charity


Local authority housing advice teams

You can contact your Local Authority housing team for housing advice using the contact details below.

East Devon District Council

Telephone – 01395 517469

Email  - [email protected]

Exeter City Council

Telephone – 01392 265889

Email  - [email protected]

Mid Devon District Council

Telephone – 01884 255255

Email – [email protected]

North Devon Council

Please visit - Homeless or at risk ( for advice and self-help tools.

Plymouth City Council

Telephone – 01752 305496

Email  - [email protected]

South Hams District Council

Telephone – 01803 861234

Email  - [email protected]

Teignbridge District Council

Telephone – 01626 215200

Email – [email protected]

Torbay Council

Telephone – 01803 207126

Email  -

Torridge District Council

Telephone – 01237 428849

Email  - [email protected]

West Devon Borough Council

Telephone – 01822 813600

Email  - [email protected]