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Devon Home Choice

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Devon Home Choice - Recent Lets

The information provided here can be used to help you decide which properties to bid for, by giving you a better idea how popular a particular property or area is and how long you would normally have to wait. You can then decide whether to look for other types of property or areas where you may not have to wait as long.

Current search criteria: Letting Cycle

Recently let properties for CBL - Advertised between 12/09/2012 and 17/09/2012

Local Authority Area Address Bedrooms Property Type Band Band Start Date Bids
Plymouth City Centre-199 Gloucester Court City Centre Plymouth PL1 5EJ 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 05/09/2012 205
Plymouth Devonport-206 Granby Street Devonport Plymouth PL1 4BQ 3 Maisonette Band B (High) 20/07/2012 26
Plymouth Barne Barton-196 Kelly Close Barne Barton Plymouth PL5 1DT 2 House Band B (High) 04/05/2012 127
Plymouth Barne Barton-196 Mantle Gardens Barne Barton Plymouth PL5 1DW 3 House Band B (High) 13/05/2011 160
South Hams Thurlestone-345 Sea View Terrace Thurlestone Devon TQ7 3NQ 2 Bungalow Band C (Medium) 16/04/2012 9
Plymouth Beacon Park & Pennycross-197 Laurel Court Merrivale Road Beacon Park Plymouth PL2 2QJ 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 12/09/2012 13
Plymouth Whitleigh-247 Picklecombe Drive Plymouth PL6 5FG 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 10/07/2012 313
North Devon Ilfracombe-162 Oak Tree Gardens Ilfracombe Devon EX34 9LU 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 18/05/2012 14
North Devon Ilfracombe-162 Slade valley Road Ilfracombe Devon EX34 8LE 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 30/07/2012 40
Plymouth Stonehouse-239 Cremyll View Durnford Street Plymouth PL13QA 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 12/07/2012 19
Torridge Bideford-427 Westcroft Court Bideford EX39 3BG 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 15/08/2012 30
Torbay Torquay-419 Babbacombe Road TORQUAY DEVON TQ1 3SW 1 Maisonette Band D (Low) 02/03/2012 41
South Hams Brixton-265 Venn Court Brixton Devon PL8 2AX 1 Maisonette Band E (No Housing Need) 13/08/2012 8
Plymouth Stonehouse-239 Penrose Street Stonehouse Plymouth PL1 5AT 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 14/09/2012 48
Plymouth City Centre-199 Clarenden House North Street Plymouth PL4 9AG 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 24/02/2012 56
Plymouth Beacon Park & Pennycross-197 Laurel Court Merrivale Road Beacon Park Plymouth PL2 2QJ 1 Maisonette Band D (Low) 19/07/2011 11
Exeter Exeter -069 Iveagh Court Farm Hill Exwick Exeter EX4 2LR 1 Bedsit Band B (High) 31/08/2012 5
Plymouth Stonehouse-239 King Street Stonehouse Plymouth PL1 5HX 2 Maisonette Band D (Low) 31/08/2011 44
Mid Devon Tiverton-122 Rena Hobson Court Spencer Drive Tiverton EX16 4QA 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 01/08/2011 68
Plymouth Morice Town-226 Warren Street Plymouth PL2 1RG 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 12/07/2012 103
South Hams South Brent-334 Courtenay Park South Brent Devon TQ10 9BT 2 House Band B (High) 11/06/2012 86
Teignbridge Dawlish-376 Brunel Court Richmond Place Dawlish EX7 9LT 1 Maisonette Band C (Medium) 20/08/2012 36
East Devon Exmouth-028 Harwood Close Exmouth EX8 4DG 1 Bungalow Band B (High) 27/04/2011 183
Exeter Exeter -069 Royston Court Whipton Exeter EX1 3QQ 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 07/12/2011 216
Plymouth North Prospect-230 Woodville Road North Prospect Plymouth PL2 2LJ 3 House Band B (High) 31/12/2010 Direct Match – Management Move
Plymouth St Budeax-236 Normandy Way Higher St Budeaux Plymouth PL5 1NL 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 07/09/2012 228
Plymouth Whitleigh-247 Milford Lane & Flats Whitleigh Plymouth PL5 4JP 2 Maisonette Band C (Medium) 16/10/2012 32
Plymouth St Budeax-236 Chard Road Higher St Budeaux Plymouth PL5 2EQ 1 Bungalow Band B (High) 15/02/2012 53
Plymouth Keyham-217 Wolseley Road Flats Keyham Plymouth PL2 2DY 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 06/07/2012 35
Plymouth Keyham-217 St Levan Road Keyham Plymouth PL2 1JP 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 21/06/2011 171
Plymouth Leigham & Mainstone-220 Millwood Drive Leigham Plymouth PL6 8JZ 2 House Band B (High) 31/10/2011 226
West Devon Dartmoor Forest -497 Burrator Avenue Princetown Yelverton Devon PL20 6RJ 2 House Band B (High) 09/07/2012 65
Exeter Exeter -069 Chestnut Avenue Priory Exeter EX2 6DL 1 Maisonette Band C (Medium) 21/07/2012 173
Torridge Great Torrington-443 Calvesford Close Torrington Devon EX38 7DH 3 House Band C (Medium) 01/09/2010 34
West Devon Okehampton-523 Richards Close OKEHAMPTON Devon EX20 1DA 1 Maisonette Band C (Medium) 22/06/2012 27
West Devon Tavistock -535 Lyd Gardens Greenlands Tavistock Devon PL19 9HU 2 Bungalow Band B (High) 10/08/2012 82
Exeter Exeter -069 Laburnum Road Priory Exeter EX2 6EE 2 House Band C (Medium) 03/05/2011 211
East Devon Axminster-003 Millwey Avenue Axminster EX13 5EH 2 House Band B (High) 20/06/2012 72
Plymouth Efford-207 Spire Court Efford Plymouth PL3 6HP 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 27/06/2012 63
Exeter Exeter -069 Chiseldon House Copplestone Drive Exeter EX4 4NH 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 02/07/2012 22
Torridge Bideford-427 Pynes Lane Bideford Devon EX39 3EE 1 Maisonette Band D (Low) 23/07/2012 12
Torridge Bideford-427 Hillgarden Close Bideford Devon EX39 2RS 1 Bedsit Band C (Medium) 23/03/2012 4
Torridge Hartland-445 Vicarage Close Hartland Devon EX39 6DD 2 Bungalow Band B (High) 07/08/2011 14
West Devon Buckland Monachorum-494 Briar Tor Yelverton Devon PL20 6DP 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 02/07/2012 43
Torridge Bideford-427 Pynes Lane Bideford Devon EX39 3EE 1 Maisonette Band C (Medium) 13/05/2011 11
Torridge Bideford-427 Watkins Way Bideford Devon EX39 4FN 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 07/09/2011 67
Torridge Great Torrington-443 Dartington Fields Torrington Devon EX38 7DL 1 Maisonette Band C (Medium) 12/06/2012 6
East Devon Sidmouth-056 Furzehill Sidbury EX10 0RG 2 Bungalow Band B (High) 09/03/2012 Direct Match – Management Move
East Devon Sidmouth-056 Country House Sidford EX10 9PQ 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 19/10/2011 80
Torbay Brixham-417 Combe Bank Lindthorpe Way BRIXHAM Devon TQ5 8PB 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 30/08/2012 14
South Hams Strete-344 Hyne Town Streete Nr Dartmouth Devon TQ6 0RT 2 Bungalow Band E (No Housing Need) 15/02/2012 14
Teignbridge Newton Abbot-402 Broadlands Avenue Newton Abbot TQ12 1SL 3 House Band B (High) 19/07/2011 180
Torbay Torquay-419 Queensway Torquay Devon TQ2 6BU 3 House Band B (High) 18/04/2012 143
Torbay Paignton-418 Shepherd Close Waterleat Paignton Devon TQ3 3UW 4 House Band B (High) 27/04/2010 80
East Devon Exmouth-028 Kingston Road Exmouth EX8 2LU 3 House Band B (High) 07/12/2010 203
Exeter Exeter -069 Bridespring Road Pennsylvania Exeter EX4 7EU 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 10/11/2010 190
Plymouth Crownhill-203 Miles Mitchell Avenue Crownhill Plymouth PL6 5NB 1 Bungalow Band E (No Housing Need) 04/06/2010 26
Plymouth Beacon Park & Pennycross-197 Ham Close Beacon Park Plymouth PL2 3PB 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 01/10/2012 Direct Match – Management Move
Plymouth Whitleigh-247 Norwich Avenue Whitleigh Plymouth PL5 4JG 1 Maisonette Band C (Medium) 21/08/2010 228
Plymouth Stonehouse-239 High Street Flats Stonehouse Plymouth PL1 3SN 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 04/07/2012 63
Plymouth Ernesettle-210 Hawkinge Gardens Ernesettle Plymouth PL5 2RW 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 16/04/2012 244
Plymouth City Centre-199 Innes House Sellon Court Western Approach Plymouth PL1 5BR 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 28/10/2011 Direct Match – Management Move
Mid Devon Tiverton-122 Roundhill Tiverton EX16 5BH 2 House Band C (Medium) 29/11/2011 97
Mid Devon Crediton-088 Brays Close Crediton EX17 3HZ 1 Maisonette Band D (Low) 12/08/2010 63
Mid Devon Tiverton-122 Elmore Way Tiverton EX16 6EF 2 House Band C (Medium) 05/10/2012 91
Torbay Brixham-417 Hill Park Road Brixham TQ5 9EU 1 Bungalow Band B (High) 27/07/2012 65
Exeter Exeter -069 Batavia Drive Exeter EX2 7AU 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 05/03/2012 116
Torbay Torquay-419 Kenneth Court Exe Hill Shiphay Torquay TQ2 7PA 1 Maisonette Band B (High) 10/09/2012 18
Torbay Paignton-418 Montpelier Court Washington Close Paignton TQ3 2QL 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 18/04/2012 62
Torbay Torquay-419 Sussex Close Church Road Barton Torquay TQ2 8PS 2 House Band B (High) 11/10/2011 136
Plymouth Ernesettle-210 Warmwell Road Plymouth PL5 2TJ 2 Maisonette Band B (High) 25/05/2012 54
You will be contacted if you are successful. If you are not contacted and you want to know details about the successful applicant (for example their band and how long they have been in that band), please check the Recent Lets section of this website. The information will be shown in the Recent Lets section once the property has been let. Please note that no personal details are provided about successful applicants (e.g. their name etc).

If you have bid for a mutual exchange property (e.g. you would like to swap your own council or housing association home for someone else's) you will be contacted by the other tenant if they are interested in swapping with you.
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