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Devon Home Choice

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Housing Options

Sadly there are far more people seeking council and housing association homes in Devon than there are homes available. Even if you are assessed as having a high priority for housing it may take you a long time to find a council or housing association home. Please click here for more information on how long it could take. Most people are unlikely to be successful in finding a council or housing association home.

It is therefore important that you consider all other appropriate housing options, such as renting privately or affordable home ownership.

Please click on the links below for:

Information for existing council or housing association tenants

Affordable home ownership 

Advice for young people

Advice for people with learning disabilities 

Money advice 

Advice if you are struggling to pay your rent or are in danger of being evicted due to rent arrears

Advice if you are having problems paying your mortgage 

Housing options across Devon 

existing social tenant_2

 Homeswapper logo If you are a council or housing association tenant find out about swapping your home with another tenant by clicking the logo or this link 

If you are a council or housing association tenant and are seeking to move to a smaller home your landlord may offer financial and/ or practical help. Please contact your landlord for more information.

Affordable home ownership_2

For an assessment of the affordability of shared ownership homes click this link. 

For guidance on using the affordability calculator click this link. 

South West Homes logo For information on affordable home ownership please click the logo or this link 

Young people's housing advice website  

 yh_devonlogo Please click here or the logo to open the Young Peoples Housing Advice website in a new window 

The website is designed for young people, parents and practitioners within Devon to access information and advice, with the aim of preventing youth homelessness. The site contains helpful information for parents and young people, up to date housing advice and legislation as well as filmed case studies and supported housing walkthroughs.


Advice for people with learning disabilities

Please click here for details of private rented homes for people with learning disabilities.

DHC Guide for people with learning disabilities  Please click here or on the image to the left to download an easy to read guide for Devon Home Choice designed for people with learning disabilities.

housing options across Devon_2

For information on other housing options in:

Alternatively, please contact the local housing team in the area of Devon where you would like to live (see How to Contact Us).

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