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Devon Home Choice

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Mortgage worries

Mortgage worries - Dont leave it until its too late. There is help you can get now.

There are rules about the steps that mortgage lenders must take before they can start court action against you – you should get advice as soon as you start getting into difficulty with your mortgage.

Selling your home and renting it back might seem like a quick fix to your debt problems. But many mortgage rescue schemes offer very little security. You could end up paying very high rent or even being evicted. Get advice before you sign up to one of these schemes.

If you are struggling with mortgage repayments, you may be tempted to send the keys to your lender or abandon your property. Dont do this without advice. You could still be responsible for the debt on the property and may be chased for it years later.

Keep making payments if you can and talk to your mortgage lender as soon as possible.

Case Study

Mr C was struggling to maintain his mortgage payments and was worried where he and family would live his home was repossessed. He approached his local authorities housing advice team for help and was referred to Homemaker for advice about his options. Having exhausted all other avenues, it was agreed to put Mr C forward for the Mortgage Rescue Scheme. He met the criteria and his application was approved meaning he has been able to stay in his home.

Mr C said he would recommend that anyone in his situation seeks advice promptly. He said he was unaware of what help was out of there but that there is light at the end of the tunnel”. He added that it “is important people know that there may be other options available that mean you do not end up losing your home”.

The Devon Mortgage Arrears Advice service aims to provide people with clear and practical information about their options in order to prevent the risk of their home being repossessed. There is no charge for this service.

They give advice over the phone 01392 687760 or by email

A comprehensive advice pack can also be downloaded from their website 

County Court Hearing?

Always attend any court hearings yourself, with an adviser if possible. Court proceedings do not mean that you will automatically lose your home. The court process acts as a final check to make sure repossession is the last resort. 

You can get free legal advice and representation in court on the day of your hearing under the Housing Possession Court Duty scheme. The scheme can be a source of last minute help if you havent received legal advice before the hearing. It is provided in county courts in England and Wales.

You can get help, whatever your financial situation. The scheme provides you with a specialist adviser on the day of your hearing who can:

  • give you free legal advice on your case
  • represent you at the hearing
  • help you explain to the judge why you havent made your mortgage or rent payments
  • help you negotiate an arrangement with your mortgage lender or landlord to pay off your debts

Contact information about the scheme

To find out more about the scheme in your local area, contact your local council or the court where your case is being heard. Youll find contact information for the court on the paperwork you should have received for your case.

If a duty scheme is not available in your area, there may be other advice services that can help you. Check with the court where your case is being heard, or contact Community Legal Advice  

Housing Options & Advice

Your local council can provide advice on a range of housing options and can assist you if you become or are in danger of losing your home (click on links below to go to the relevant website).

East Devon District Council       01392 517469  

Exeter City Council                    01392 265726

Mid Devon District Council        01884 234388 or 01884 234353

North Devon District Council      01271 388870

Plymouth City Council                 01752 305950

South Hams District Council        01803 861234

Teignbridge District Council          01626 361101

Torbay Council                             01803 208723

Torridge District Council               01237 428849

West Devon Borough Council       01822 813600 


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